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SE9 Gardener – How It All Began.

I never used to be a gardener.

Up until 2012, when we moved into our maisonette I’d never really thought a huge amount about growing things. My parents have a big garden and are avid gardeners, my Gran & Grandpa were farmers on a farm my Uncle now runs, and my Grannie and Grandad also had a garden that my parents helped take care of. It’s always been a part of my life and the awareness had always been there, but growing things and gardening was what “grown-ups” do. And sometimes I forget I’m a grown-up and have been for quite some time. 

When I moved into our place with my boyfriend we weren’t that fussed about having a garden. We have a little balcony and I thought that that was enough for sitting out in the sun on the few days a year that can happen. Then one weekend the spring 2013 after we moved in, I found myself in B&Q down the road and bought a few violets for a big blue pot I’d been given for the balcony. They looked so lovely… and then I got a few more pots and a few more plants … and then Mum caught on to my new found interest and kept giving me the odd thing or a few seeds to grow…  And it escalated from there… My beloved “Balcony Garden” had begun.


The “Balcony Garden” in it’s early days.
As more plants gradually were added…